More Filters
We used this as starter we have bigger one now. Has filter, heater and light. Just need cleaning. Get it for only $25.
Includes heater and sand. Sponge filter not included. In perfect condition.
Comes with background picture, filter/bubbler, and food. Light plastic tank. Not glass. Approximately 3.5 gallons. 12 in tall 6 in long. 13 in wide in the front. 9 in wide in the back. No fish, no filter, no gravel, no leaks.
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200 for all. One albino pleco. I will count but should be between 13 to 15 mollys. Fluval C3 heater. Fluval heater. Comes with a air pump, got the house and the dragon. I will buy extra pieces for the filter and a new thing of fish food to go with this.
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